Exclusive – Jedi Master Yoda Spotted in LA! (Update 2018)

Jedi master Yoda car honda crx xwing fighter
master Yoda

It all started long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Then, Master Yoda came to LA…

Do you think that Jedi Master Yoda knows how to pilot X-Wing Fighter? Check out the pictures with Master Yoda sitting on a co-pilot seat in Honda CRX inspired by the famous Star Wars X Wing Fighter. Take Yoda’s advice: “Do, or do not. There is no try” There are 2 nuclear missiles hidden behind the front radiator grill and 2 plasma guns on each side of the car.

You can even see Yoda’s famous Lightsaber (a laser sword) through the windshield. R2-D2 is safely mounted on the rear hood of the car, on the same position as in X Wing Fighter in Star Wars movies. They are on a mission to save the galaxy from evil Jabba the Hutt who wants to try how to fold jedi master Yoda.

Jedi Master Yoda’s car photos caught in LA

These photos are of a Star Wars car, spotted in Los Angeles and shot by amateur camera. It is not clear if the car belongs to Obi-Wan or to Jedi master Yoda because it has Obi Wan’s name on the rear number plate and Yoda’s name on the bumper…

Jedi master Yoda in honda crx

yoda car tail light

master yoda car R2D2

jedi master yoda sitting in honda crx

jedi master yoda in a car

R2D2 on yoda`s car

master yoda and obi van keoby

After we have met Jedi master Yoda in person, you must wonder what will be the next surprise? Maybe Michael J. Fox with DeLorean sports car directly from “Back to the Future”?

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