What Does it Cost to Build Pop Can Solar Panel?

how to prepare housing for diy solar panel

The following table contains parts needed for assembling pop can diy solar panels. It is a list of parts and calculation of the cost for materials only, without man-hours and without materials damaged and wasted during the building, experimenting and prototyping process. In the last row, you can see that total solar panel cost will be around $200, if you strictly follow instructions from our “do it yourself” guide.

Using Recycled Parts Can Lower Solar panel Cost

On the other hand, if you recycle or use parts that already collect dust somewhere in the back of your basement or garage, final amount can be reduced significantly. Of course do not forget that in addition you will need to collect empty soda or beer cans. If you don’t drink enough beer or soda, you can ask for empty cans in any restaurant or gas station. It is important to get all the necessary tools before you start building.

Solar Panel Cost of Part and Material for Do-It-Yourself Solar Panels

Plexiglass sheet, fan and wooden parts are most expensive items, so if budget or final solar panels price is the issue, there are some cheaper alternatives. In case if solar panel cost is important, you can make the front side (cover) of the panel using Lexan which is a lot cheaper (but also less efficient) than UV resistant clear poly-carbonate sheet.

Before you start collecting necessary parts from our list for solar thermal panel, let`s not forget how important is to solve any thermal leakage and insulation problems in your home. It can really make a difference because with proper insulation you will be able to heat your home with less energy and with much smaller solar panel. That also means you will spend less money on parts for your home heating DIY project and get solar panel cost down to less than $200…

DIY Solar panels technical specs:

Total panel area:2,4m2
Effective panel area:2,3m2
Air intake diameter:100mm
Air outlet diameter:125mm
Number of cans:225pcs
Orientation:           vertical/horizontal

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  1. Greg says:

    Dr Drashco,
    I also build these solar air heaters. Mine are 4′ x 8′ and have a total of 289 cans in them 17 vertical x 17 horizontal.

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