Free SEO Tools

I have compiled a list of all necessary and most important free tools for website owners and bloggers in one place. Most people start with a Page Rank checker, although Google claims that webmasters should not pay so much attention to PR. As a new SEO practitioner, you should go and explore the tools mentioned below. Have fun!

Critical Path CSS

This one will help you achieve faster website loading and rendering. you simply need to enter website url, paste all css code used on your blog and this online tool will extract the most critical css code that is needed in order to display above the fold You can then inline this css into html and deffer the rest of css to load after. By using this approach, you can make your website load much faster…

SSD VPS cloud hosting server

DigitalOcean offers extremely reliable and cheap Cloud Hosting with very fast SSD Hard Drives. You can deploy an SSD cloud server with WordPress, MySQL and 512mb RAM in one minute. Price is $5 per month and everyone who sign up using this referal link will get $10 in credit instantly to test the server for two months.

Show Slow – Online Web Performance Monitor Tool

Show Slow is an open source online tool that can monitor different website performance metrics. It shows the results of YSlow, Page Speed Insights, WebPageTest and dynaTrace AJAX Edition rankings and graphs them, in order to help you understand how various changes to your site affect web performance

Driving WebPage Test from A Google Spreadsheet

Testing a page across different browsers, location/device combinations, testing variations of the same page,  waterfalls – all that you can easily automate with Google Spreadsheet

Hotjar Analytics / HeatMaps / Surveys / Recordings

This one will help you to capture visitor click patterns on your website, and much more. There is a free plan with some limitations

JoinMe online conferencing and desktop sharing tool

Free conferencing, desktop sharing and presenting

Domain, DNS, NS, MX record diagnostic tool

Easily diagnose and check all of your MX, DNS records, blacklist or SMTP with one integrated tool. Input a domain name, IP Address or Host Name

Modx Free CMS

MODX is the web content management platform enabling no-compromise design and exceptional user experience. It gives you complete control over your site, content, with flexibility and scalability in mind

K7 Free Fax and Voicemail

Receive voice messages and faxes without being at the office. Free web based platform accept all of your incoming fax messages and voicemail and direct them all to your email. Unified Messaging also provides you with a free phone number


Great free online WhoIs checker, and few other tools without the need to register or enter captcha: