Video Tutorial: Build DIY Solar Thermal Panels

Solar energy usage is stil very limited, although it is possible to build DIY solar panels practically free of charge. The following videos are demonstrating efficiency of cheap, home-made, pop-can solar heater panels.

Why waste money on electricity, coal or gas while sun is giving away free kilowatts on daily basis?!

Watch closely how the air temperature rises at the output of pop-can solar panel. First test occurred on a cloudy day, output temperature reached +53°C. Second test was done with the clear sky (no clouds) and hot air at the output went above +65°C. After installing panel on south side of the house, air was quickly heated up to 80 degrees C!

Next clips show how to prepare aluminum cans for your diy cheap priced solar panel heater. Use of protective glasses and gloves is MANDATORY!

Cut the top of the can with sharp can-opener, then remove the loose top out of the can. Bottom of the can has to be carefully punched with a special tool, and then widen the hole up to max 1/3 of the can top radius. The shape of such hole at the can bottom is actually encouraging the turbulent air flow inside which will enhance heat transfer from the can walls to the passing air.

Instead of special punching tool you can use larger Philips screwdriver. Alu-cans can be glued together using hi-temp silicone, and then line up cans one on the other and so on. Drying process should take at least 24 hours before assembling the cans into the solar panel heater:

1. Priprema limenki za solarni panel/kolektor

2. Priprema limenki za solarni panel/kolektor – busenje –

3. Priprema limenki za solarni panel/kolektor – lepljenje –

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